Bugpowder - resource for the small press community.
Mike Weller - "..the most exciting British creator of comics at any level." - Comics International
Smallzone - small press publications distributed by Shane Chebsey.
Albedo One - Ireland's magazine of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.
Blackshapes - the blog of Matter cartoonist Philip Barrett.
Andy Luke - Andrew Luke's Livejournal.
Loserdom - the web archive of the Dublin zine-with-a-conscience.
Mardouville - comics by Mardou, creator of Manhole, Whores of Mensa, & Stiro.
True Stories - Frontiers, Angel Nebula, Outcastes...the comics of Tony McGee.
Christine Harper - news, views and Fragments.
Rol Hirst - writes...comics, short stories, sti-coms, a novel...
Speech Balloons - comics news and Carter's Column from Birmingham Mail's Paul H Birch.
Bellyflop - the blog of comics creator/reviewer Kieron Mullens
Nowhere/Nothing - the blog of Northern Ireland writer/poet Richard Barr.
Paul Schroeder - a journal of sketches and doodles.
Ztoical - the journal of comics creator/publisher Cliodhna Lyons.
Irish Comics Wiki - encyclopaedia of Irish comics and creators.
Sound Of Drowning - the blog of creator Paul O'Connell. - The blog of Paddy Lynch, creator of Last Bus and In The Aquarium.
The Comic Cast - Irish-based audio-show about comics.
Sunnyside Comics - pod-cast from Northern Ireland co-hosted by PJ Holden.
Clamnuts - the work of Bob Byrne, creator of Mister Amperduke.
Paddy Brown - online comics adaptations of Irish mythology.
Optical Sloth - reviews and distribution of small press titles.
Shane Oakley - comic strips and illustration.
Fugger - satire from Windell Classics co-creator Garret Shanley.
Salvo's Salvo - the blog of Windell Classics co-creator Cathal Duggen.
Eclectic Micks - daily sketchblog of some Irish comic book artists.
Lee Grace - graphic design and illustration from Waterford. - fine comics to peruse.
Tommie Kelly - join the Road Crew for online comics.
Cardboard Press - independent small press publisher.
Mindpuss - the blog of cartoonist Ronan Kennedy.
Comics Reporter - comics and commentary from Tom Spurgeon.